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Business of Curling Program

Curling Canada's the Business of Curling is a written resource and work shop which guides curling clubs through a process intended to increase operational efficiency at the community level of our sport.

The Business of Curling program is presented by Curling Canada professionals and is a three step process designed to help curling clubs understand the business they are in. Curling Clubs are experiencing a variety of problems adapting to this constantly changing environment. Meeting the challenge of survival in the marketplace has prompted them to adopt selected management tools from the private sector. Curling clubs are turning to marketing as a means of providing their customers with improved products and services.

Phase One - Invest in Your Club

The first step, or phase One is titled: INVEST IN YOUR CLUB! and is a weekend symposium / workshop.

NACA held the Business of Curling Symposium May 5-7, 2017 in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Over 100 attendees from 35 NACA clubs, seven PCA clubs, one SACA club, and ACF and NACA executive and staff spent the weekend participating in 14 different sessions. Check out NACA's website - NACA Members for the link to the presentations.

Phase Two

Phase Two is a two-day strategic planning workshop with one or two clubs and their full Board of Directors. The Board is guided through that planning process by our facilitator(s).

Phase Three

Phase Three is the development of a full blown business plan.

Check out Curling Canada's link for more details regarding the Business of Curling Program





Safety First Presentation - Is a presentation by Curling Canada regarding injury prevention for curling participants of all ages.

Promotional Posters - Following last season’s exciting action, Curling Canada has developed these promotional posters to help curling centres recruit new customers for the upcoming season. It’s very simple process by downloading the size of poster they would like to use. The posters are print-ready and are able to customized to a specific message.