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ATTN Coaches - PD (Professional Development) Points

Effective 01/14, Curling Canada implemented a "Maintenance of Certification" for all NCCP coaches.  Coaches are rquired to obtain a minimum number of PD points dependant on their certification.

- Competition Coach - 5 years to earn 20 points

- Competition Development - 5 years to earn 30 points

Club Coach is not included in this.

Coaches are required to earn Professional Development (PD) points that can be earned through a variety of activities.  The following courses have been added to the locker so that they can be used to gain PD points:

- Startegy and Tactics Workshop

- Coaching a Team in a Competition Effectively

- Technical Skills Workshops

- Curling Analytics

Additional information regarding PD Points may be accessed from Curling Canada at



*           COACHING ASSOCIATION OF CANADA is a not-for-profit amateur sport organization with the mandate to improve the effectiveness of coaching across all levels of the sport system.

*           THE COURAGE TO WIN for athletes and coaches to get free mental toughness content

*           Funding for Coaches - please go to the Alberta Sport Connection website


All Coaches must be 21 years of age and have a Police Records Check on File with Curling Alberta



Canadian Curling Association/Coaching Association of Canada

Important Information


*             To Coach at Junior Northerns, U18 Northerns or Alberta Winter Games

*             To Coach Juniors, U18, Men, Women, Seniors, Master, Mixed or Wheelchair at Provincials and Nationals

*             To Coach Canada Winter Games

*             On-line MED Evaluation - Competition-Introduction

*             MED Multi-sport 3-hour Module

*             Certified Competition Development Coach

*             Coaches Completing the Level 3 Certification

NCCP Competition – Development Context



Canadian Curling Association/Coaching Association of Canada [Back to Top]

The Canadian Curling Association and the Coaching Association of Canada have created a guide to help coaches into the correct training program.  This website helps coached plan and understand what is required of them for NCCP coach education.


EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 2017, coaches looking to coach a Men's or Women's team to the Olympic Trials, National Scotties or the Tim Hortons Brier must be a Certified Competition Development Coach or Level 3 Certified Coach (with completion of the Competition Development Make Ethical Decision (MED) Online Evaluation prior to January 1, 2019)



!!!!!  IMPORTANT INFORMATION  !!!!! [Back to Top]

The primary difference between the Community Sport Stream and the Competition Stream is evaluation.

In order for a coach to be deemed "Certified", the coach must undergo a mandatory evaluation.

Coaches can begin their training in the Competition Stream (i.e. Community Stream is not a prerequisite). HOWEVER, coaches need to have a good understanding of the game and technical skills.  New coaches are strongly recommended to take the Club Coach workshop to get the fundamentals of teaching the curling delivery that is not provided in the Competition Coach course.  This will allow coaches to enhance their knowledge and skill base.



The following requirements are mandatory to coach teams at the levels outlined: 


Club Coach (2-day workshop)

  • Make Ethical Decisions (MED) Multi-sport 3-hour Module*
  • MED Online Evaluation (Make Ethical Decisions - Competition-Introduction) * *see information below


Competition Coach (2-day Workshop)

  • Make Ethical Decisions (MED) Multi-sport 3-hour Module*
  • MED Online Evaluation (Make Ethical Decisions - Competition-Introduction)* *see information below



Competition Coach Certification

  • Competition Coach (2-day workshop)
  • Submission of Plan a Practice (PP) and Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to NACA
  • On-Ice Evaluation (of the submitted Practice Plan) set up by NACA
  • Make Ethical Decisions (MED) Multi-sport 3-hour Module*
  • MED Online Evaluation (Make Ethical Decisions - Competition Introduction) * *see information below


Level 2 Certification (grandfathered to new NCCP as Certified Competition Coach)

  • Ethical Decisions (MED) Multi-sport 3-hour Module*
  • Online Evaluation (Make Ethical Decisions - Competition Introduction) * *see information below

*To maintain your Certified Coaching Status, you must complete the MED Online Evaluation Competition-Introduction within five years, effective January 1, 2019, but strongly recommend you complete as soon as possible.  Coaches who fail to meet this requirement will be reassigned "In Training" status with credit for all except the MED Online Evaluation.  Your "certified" status will be restored when the required MED Online Evaluation is complete.



Competition Coach Certification

  • Competition Coach (2-day workshop)
  • Submission of Plan a Practice (PP) and Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to NACA
  • On-Ice Evaluation (of the submitted Practice Plan) set up by NACA
  • Make Ethical Decisions (MED) Multi-sport 3-hour Module*
  • MED Online Evaluation (Make Ethical Decisions - Competition Introduction) * *see information below


Level 3 Certification (Old NCCP)

including the MED Online Evaluation (Make Ethical Decisions- Competition Introduction) (see section on Make Ethical Decisions)


Canada Winter Games Module - Through a combination of self-study and one-one mentorship opportunities or in a workshop environment, you focus on planning your season to best prepare your team for competing in Canada's premier multi-sport event, the Canada Winter Games.

This program is divided into two main categories - Pre-Event Planning and Event Management.

Pre-Event planning - you will analyze your team's current skill set, identify any deficiencies in your team's performance, and work to set goals on how to eliminate those deficiencies. You will prepare a Competition Event Daily Plan, and learn how to anticipate problems before they happen.  You will be armed with information about what to expect at the Canada Winter Games.  Your mentor coach will assist you in creating your team's custom seasonal plan, practice plans to support your team's individual needs, and answer questions about what to expect when you're at the games.

Event Management - will prepare you on all of the competition specific challenges you may face, how to prepare for travel, what to expect at a national championship, game debriefing tools, as well as some tips on how to handle the "extended" curling team - parents - in a competitive environment.

Your program is just that - yours - the effort you put into your team's preparation over the coming months will directly influence their success.  Take this opportunity to work closely with your mentor coach, their experience is invaluable, and they will be more than willing to share it with you.


Please contact Alberta Curling Federation regarding the Canada Winter Games Module.


**ON-LINE MED EVALUATION (MAKE ETHICAL DECISIONS) - Competition-Introduction [Back to Top] 

 COST: $85**

**You are now charged a fee of $85.00 (mandated April 1, 2014) to complete the MED Online Evaluation - Competition-Introduction.  This fee will be waived if you complete the Make Ethical Decisions Multi-sport 3-hour Module provided by NACA.  It is not mandatory to take the Multi-sport module to complete the MED Online Evaluation.  The MED Online Evaluation - Competition-Introduction is a required element in becoming a Certified Competition Coach.

*See information below on the Multi-sport Module.



 COST: $45*

*The cost for the MED (Make Ethical Decisions) Multi-sport 3-hour Module offered by NACA is $45.00.  When you have completed the Module - the ACF will forward your information to the Coaching Association of Canada for input into the national database (The Locker).  This will, in turn, allow you to take your MED Online Evaluation at no cost.


There may be a one to two-week processing period after you have taken the MED Multi-Sport Module before you will be able to complete your MED Online Evaluation.  Follow the instructions below to take the MED Online Evaluation.


You must have your Coaching Card # (CC#) as well as a password to complete the evaluation. Please contact coach services at or (613) 235-5000 for help in obtaining a CC# or password.

Please follow these steps for the MED On-line Evaluation:

  • Go to the Coaching Association of Canada website
  • Go to the dropdown menu at the yop of the page titled "Coach Training" and select "Make Ethical Decisions", then choose "Online evaluation".
  • This will take you to the "Coach Training e-learning" page.
  • Enter your CC# and password, click on "Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation: Competition-Introduction" and begin the evaluation.  If you cannot complete the evaluation, you can save it and return to it to complete at a later time.
  • Once completed, please notify your Regional Association office.  Your results will be posted on your Transcipt of Records (CAC).

It is your choice if you would like to take the MED Online Evaluation at a cost of $85.  If you are unsuccessful after two attempts, it is mandatory you take the Multi-sport 3-hour module "Make Ethical Decisions" provided by NACA or the provincial government at a cost of $45.  You would then be required to retake the MED Online Evaluation at no charge.



 As of December 31, 2013, Level 3 Technical no longer exists, replacing it will be a new comprehensive program called "Competition Development".  The program is being administered and delivered by the Canadian Curling Association nationally and is open to all provinces/territories.  The Canadian Curling Association's goal is to move the workshop around the country.

This program is designed to assist the coach in taking their teams to the next level of provincial, national or international play.  This workshop focuses on the planning, strategy, analysis and program management needed to improve your team's performance.  Coaches should be actively working with a "Training to Compete" level team during this program.  There is a small wheelchair curling component, so coaches working with athletes with a disability would also benefit from this program.

While ice time is minimal in this workshop, curling gear is required.

During this training coaches will learn:

  • Current technical skills
  • How to analyze technical and tactical performances
  • Performance planning
  • Program Management
  • Advanced strategy
  • Advanced practice planning
  • Prevention and recovery (integrated multi-sport module)
  • Developing athletic abilities (integrated multi-sport module)

The program will take approximately 14 months to complete, as it requires writing, implementing, executing and debriefing an annual plan.  In addition to the annual plan portfolio, two observation evaluations (a practice and a competitive environment) must be completed.  Five webinar's will be scheduled in the fall for material not covered in the in-person workshop.  Coaches will need to complete the Competition Development Make Ethical Decisions (MED) Online Evaluation and will need to complete the four remaining competition development multi-sport modules - Managing Conflict, Coaching and Leading Effectively, Psychology of Performance and Leading Drug Free Sport.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Competition Development Coach, please contact the Alberta Curling Federation for information.



Coaches Completing the Level 3 Certification

(Must have completed the Level 3 workshop before December 31, 2013) [Back to Top] 


While the "Competition-Development Context" is in development, the following interim Certification Plan shall be recognized for Level 3 Certification.  This interim plan is in place due to the fact that Level 3 Theory is no longer being delivered in a Multi Stream environment.

Prerequisite for Level 3 Certification Program

"Level 2 Certified" (Under the Old NCCP format, you must be a Level 2 Certified Coach with the MED Online Competition-Introduction Evaluation or a Certified Competition Coach)

Level 3 Theory Equivalent

Any 4 of 6 Multisport Modules listed below (Offered by provincial/territorial coaching associations)

  • Coaching and Leading Effectively
  • Managing Conflict
  • Prevention and Recovery
  • Psychology of Performance
  • Leading Drug Free Sport
  • Developing Athletic Abilities


Design a Basic Sport Program Multisport Module (MSM)

(Offered in Intro to Competition B)

For information on the above Multi-Sport Modules and Design a Basic Sport Program Module - please go to Calling all Coaches at    


Make Ethical Decisions Multi-sport 3-hour Module provided by NACA or Alberta Sport Connection (NCCP Multi-Sport Modules) - $45


Competition-Development Online MED Evaluation ($85 OR no charge if you take the MED Multi-sport 3-hour Module)


Level 3 Technical


Level 3 Practical: On-ice Evaluation and Video-skill Analysis - $100

(See NCCP Competition-Development Context below for details on the above modules)









Managing Conflict


  • Recognize common sources of conflict in sport and take steps to prevent conflict
  • Select an effective approach to situations involving conflict
  • Effectively listen and speak for yourself in conflict situations
  • Accept conflict as natural and feel more confident about your ability to prevent and resolve conflict

Leading Drug

Free Sport


  • Describe their roles and responsibilities as a coach with respect to anti-doping
  • Identify CCES resources and services
  • Use ethical decision-making tools in a doping-prevention context
  • Apply a process for doping prevention that is based on the Decision-Making Model and the NCCP Code of Ethics.

Psychology of Performance


  • Develop individualized competition focus plans for the athletes or teams you coach

Coaching and Leading Effectively


  • Make interventions that enhance learning and build and reinforce group and team cohesion and commitment
  • Develop expectations about the behavior and commitment needed to achieve individual and team goals
  • Communicate effectively and respectfully with both athletes and those supporting their performance
  • Use feedback to improve and correct performance and behaviour

Prevention and



  • Incorporate the 12 PAK of performance and prevention into your coaching
  • Incorporate dynamic warm-ups into your coaching
  • Ensure that biomechanical forces are shared as needed
  • Develop functional evaluations for athletes return to practice or competition
  • Use recovery and regeneration techniques in your coaching


Athletic Abilities


  • Prioritize the athletic abilities required in your sport
  • Evaluate athletes sport-specific fitness and athletic abilities
  • Establish and sequence training priorities and training variables in each phase of your training program
  • Develop both skills and athletic abilities in practices
  • Pre task - online