Northern Alberta Curling Association



       Northern Alberta Curling Championship Society (NACCS)

Projects must promote curling, be directly beneficial to curling in Northern Alberta and be entrepreneurial in nature having a revenue generating plan.

Contact:  Terry Morris, President

c/o NACA - 780-440-4270

NACCS (legacy Funds from CCA Season of Champions Events)


       Curling Assistance Program (CAP)

C.A.P. targets projects designed to grow the sport at the community level or to assist capital projects critical to the operation and health of the CCA's membership.


       Alberta Government - Alberta Lottery Fund - Community Initiatives Program (CIP)

The Community Initiatives Program will support smaller, project-based initiatives in areas such as community services, seniors' services, libraries, arts and culture, sports, education, health and recreations.


       Alberta Government - Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP)

The purpose of the CFEP is to continue to improve the public-use facilities that are important to our communities.  The expansion and upgrading of Alberta's extensive network of community-use facilities will continue to enrich the quality of life in our province.  The success of the program is based on grass-roots, needs-driven partnership approach funding.  Under CFEP, Albertans have access to a matching-grant program which is responsive and relevant to their particular facility development needs.


       Alberta Government - Community Spirit Program

The goal of the Community Spirt Program (CSP) is to increase individual charitable giving to help support Alberta's non-profit and charitable organizations.  The program recognizes and encourages donations made by individuals to Alberta-based community organizations by providing financial incentives for individual donors and the recipient organizations.


       Government of Canada - Enabling Accessibility Fund

The Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) supports community-based projects across Canada that improve accessibility, remove barriers, and enable Canadians with disabilities to participate in and contribute to their communities.


Alberta Government-Alberta Sport Recreation Parks & Wildlife Foundation


       Development Initiatives Program

Provides support to Albertans working in the areas of sport, recreation, parks and wildlife for project and program related endeavors.


       Coaching and Official Development Initiatives

Provides opportunities to further coaching development in Alberta.


       Event Support Program

Encourages development of youth in sport, recreation, parks and wildlife and promotes economic growth in Alberta.


       Podium Alberta

Alberta High Performance Athlete Assistance Program



City of Edmonton


       Community Investment Operating Grant

The City of Edmonton Community Investment Operating Grant program provides operating assistance to Edmonton's non-profit organizations whose activities benefit citizens of Edmonton.


       Community Facility Partner Capital Grant Program

The Community Facility Partner Capital Grant actively supports partnership opportunities that enhance the quality of life through arts, heritage, social services/community development, recreation, sport and leisure experiences in Edmonton's public use facilities.


       Edmonton Community Foundation

The Edmonton Community Foundation awards grants for charitable activities in the greater Edmonton area in the arts & culture, education, social services, health, recreation & leisure and the environment.


       Take the Lead Grant

Grant opportunities for female coaches, officials & administrators.

The InMotion Network has created the Take The Lead Grant to help Albertan girls and women become experienced leaders in the sport and recreation fields.  Grant monies could be used for training, course fee professional development, professional certification, clinics, equipment, travel, lodging, meals and other training related activities.


       Recreation / Sport Operating Grants

Intended to provide operating assistance to non-profit organizations of Edmonton whose activities result in benefits to the citizens of Edmonton.


       Community Investments Hosting Grants

To assist eligible Edmonton organizations with the hosting of provincial, national and international recreation, amateur sport or multicultural events within the City of Edmonton.


       Community InvestmentsTravel Grants

To assist Edmonton residents with the cost of travel to western Canadian, national or international sports championships in which they compete.



Service Clubs (Kinsmen, Lions Rotarty, etc.)

Contact:  See local listings