Northern Alberta Curling Association



(Legacy Funds from the CCA Season of Champions Events)


The Northern Alberta Curling Championship Society (NACCS) was set up as a separate legal entity affiliated through Board Representation with the Northern Alberta Curling Association (NACA).  NACCS is not operating as a subsidiary to NACA in anyway, but has very close affiliation through it's board members and corporate objective to promote curling in Alberta.


There were two reasons for creating the separate entity to run the Edmonton 1999 Brier:                NACA Executive members and Past Presidents that were dedicated to the sport and NACA would be entrusted to manage the event, leaving NACA to carry on business as usual.                From a legal perspective the financial outcome of the event and the business conduct of the host committee members would not be challenged through the NACA.  Simply, NACA did not have to accept any accountability, risk or liability with the event and could not be sued nor would a financial loss on the event impact NACA.


The 1999 Brier was a huge success and exceeded expectations.  The NACCS Board recommended that the NACCS become a legacy for NACA, and be managed by key individuals responsible for the success with representatives from NACA.



RATIONALE                The investment of funds will require resources to evaluate, contract and manage initiatives.  Workload can not be born solely by NACA.                A separate organization is oblivious to the NACA and curling politics and influences and can protect funds earned to ensure they meet objectives of Revenue Generation for NACA and NACCS.                NACCS will maintain the continuity and perpetuity of the fund so it is not lost through changing executives and governance.                NACCS will ensure the funds are put to promotional use and revenue generation and not capital projects as was the funds generated by the 1987 Brier.





1.           The promotion, staging, management and operation of the curling championships and events connected with the events;

2.           The promotion generally of curling;

3.           To raise funds to support curling;

4.           To manage the society funds as per the investment policy statement;

5.           To donate money or property of the society to any other non-profit organization for the purpose of promoting curling;

6.           To sell, manage, lease, mortgage, dispose of, or otherwise deal with the property of the society; and

7.           To do all other things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.





Consists of the following nine members: 




Terry Morris

Vice President

Darwin Davidiuk

Curling Community

Ken Duggan

Dixie Blackmore

Dan Low

Kris Sakowski



Secretary Treasurer

Vicki Baird





Since the 1999 Brier, the Northern Alberta Curling Championship Society has been investing any monies raised from these big events.  Thanks to two successful Briers (1999 and 2005), as well as the Ford World Curling Championships (2007) and the Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings (2009), the Legacy Fund is now in a position to help curling clubs affiliated with NACA.


The Northern Alberta Curling Championship Society's goal is for "The Legacy Fund" to carry on it perpetuity.  As a result, approximately $50,000 will be available every year for city and rural clubs to access.  We realize that clubs are mostly volunteer driven, so we have made the application form and process as simple as possible.               LEGACY FUND APPLICATION FORM               INITIATIVES AND PROJECTS - "SHOW ME THE MONEY"